You have tried all what you could in the last season.." Why not use a SOFTWARE to counter a SOFTWARE?" "Make Your BETTING PLATFORM Your ATM Machine". Your bookies are your betting sites like,,,,,,, (all these are Nigerian betting sites). Also have some foreign sites like,,, , etc. If you have gotten this software last season you wouldn't have placed a bet on EPL teams. THAT IS "If" you can have this cool betting tip / predicting SOFTWARE ( betting tip software in nigeria ) ...the software only runs on computer / laptop.!

"Are you not TIRED OF BEEN SCAMMED? Join us on share you experience on all about soccer GET FREE 4 ODDS Daily, contribute to the community & get free betting tips software that can give you all the good results you have been searching for. "

' well rated by when it comes to betting on sport or football bet in NIGERIA. I never paid them a dime for advertising me.. it was just my TURN in 2017 and still going to be in 2018 (AMEN)...All you need will be discussed on ( football only ) if you just stumbled here.. i m still editing. thanks.

Have a feel of it now. download

From: YelGold

Dear Sports Investor.. Happy new year to you.. You can now watch LIVE epl matches on your mobile phone free (we will send it alongside with the betting tips software when you order for it)..and how the football predicting betting software looks like here. READ ON...

Have you ever wondered why the betting sites always win?

Before i begin , let me say HAPPY NEWYEAR to you and Congratulate me on the Soccer betting tip software discovered .. we will hit them hard in the new season .. As a person I go for research to improve the knowledge I have regarding to sport betting.. it will always change as long as the object been played is round. some people see me as a semi god while some see me as a perfect mentor.. let me tell you now.. I am only human trying to bring the best out of this betting thing. I love people that picks up my package and fine tune it into something better than GOLD.. you reading can be better.(I can buy back if you have made a better strategy to make huge success out of it).. its a raw material yet to be tapped on. I decided to develop this software because the betting platform also uses software to determine odds for people to place bet on simply because it works on their past performance to put an odd on each team . so definitely I had to come up with a software that can get all past games and events / options that occurred . To my greatest surprise only few options comes out consistently.. (that why most bettors lose) as for EPL season 2015/2016 was a no go area on the software .. I bet you when you discover what is consistent on the software you make cool cash... read below to see how it works and what to expect from it.
Stop discussing Mourinho vs Guardiola head to head record in the new EPL 2016 / 2017 season or
going to to read how POGBA joined manchester united and other players to PSG, Chelsea and Arsenal this summer... time is not on your side.. its ticking away remember.

My brother this is what the SOFTWARE will give you "cool down not so fast.. read on"

bullet if you don't know anything on computer or have a laptop..
bullet If you don't know how to download or unzip a file
bullet If you don't have time for research
bullet If you are not a serious bettor, because the system is for people that wants to earn a living on soccer betting

***DON'T pay for the Software I will advice you to go and attend a COMPUTER COLLEGE before meeting me because if you are trying to give me a hard time I WILL respond the way you brought it. and stop spoiling me around***


Imagine someone asking me "how do I download" another person asking "what is notepad" after telling him to get his passkey in the notepad.. another person told me I have "just installed the software in a cyber cafe what next?" another person telling me "my friend installed it on his laptop too" after you have been warned that one system one software.. #just want to make money , (when I get all this questions!) I will reply them to visit a computer college then they start insulting.. is that my fault? you have been warned..! so the serious ones should read along or book a session with me. ....
NOT that I don't hav any fault I DO.. I agree that I delay atimes but not denial. I am human as as well and attending to lots of people isn't a joke. but when I delay and you talk bad about me, after you get your package will you erase what you have posted about me on the internet?(I might be driving, in a function, church, meetings, etc) hmnn I careless that don't stop me from getting my cash. anyway lets proceed to the way forward..


The software comes with a passkey code so as to enable full installation on your system (desktop or laptop) , after installation then you launch it.
its easy and straight forward.. you update (updating helps the system to load previous games and statistics played a day before) then you can select which league you want to place your bet on by choose it or all leagues , the percentage of occurency , (that how often does the option you want to go for occurs i.e over/ under , ht/ft, half with most goals etc) then click you search button..
It will summarize and bring out the leagues or teams you can get them to play on......
And why it worked is that , when you invest on high level of occurrence there is huge possibility of winning and making good profit. Why we chose the software to do the job.. anything written down can't be forgotten. so we need some past event to measure the outcome of another day game on the football pitch. not just a past event but an event that keeps happening over and over again..Because the betting site platform ( , ,, etc) is always monitoring past event too to give odds so that we can bet on.. so we need the ANTI-software to give us 90% accuracy of past event too so as to know where we will put our money on.. Hint :- EPL teams in season 2016/2017 are nothing to invest on even the software detected that at 50% search no EPL teams was consistent .. BUT i discovered lots of leagues gave me good result of consistency at 90% search... And if i get constant and positive outcome of a particular match won't i make money from it or sell as FIXED? And again you can get 3 to 4 odds daily then you WANT TO INVEST 15000 naira i will advise you break it into N3000 on 4 odds you get from the software bring a possible outcome of N12000 (1 batch).. then you can have 5 of this.. if all comes in you get N60000 profit.. i bet you cant loose all.. all you need is to win 2 batches to be in profit.... If you have the software ready wait for 2 weeks after the season have started before using .. a lots of transfers and managers have moved.. let the software analysis what is constant before you put in your money..! #BEWISE "Now I'm about to open your eyes into something new and more lucrative", still on sport BET .. but you will now call it SOFTWARE 4 SOFTWARE... to making money from your bookmakers. Let them be your constant source of income.
watch how the software looks like and how you can pick accurate games will be like an ATM when results starts coming out

my result keeps speaking for me

after the result came out

i so much believe in growing gradually.. it builds

who says you can't loose.. that is a blantant LIE... sometimes we dont get games from the software.. and sometime we loose but the winning rate is higher.. and when you win you VERY BIG.! if you want it get it.. not meant for all.

You can see the date the money was paid in , 5days before the new season kicked off. Now imagine what i will get in this new season


Are you not tired of seeing pictures of results? i can even show you when i withdrew this profit (i screen grabbed it, 6th of AUGUST profit). it is on my phone add me on whatapps now 08058022843 or call me 08038583157 now or meet me one on one. my strategy Software betting tips works..!


exposing my little secret to a client ONE on ONE, if you are far from me you can order for the video watch it and duplicate what you watch.. it is as easy as that.


# 1: Everybody want to get a quick rich scheme... like one day i will use N200 to make N20000., that is "kalo kalo" they never calculate the amount of N200 they have spent aside that you will start having this kind of DIE HARD spirit that one day i must make back all money spent...

# 2
:  they run towards a team with a lower odd think they will win always... now you win 10 times but when you loose once you get crashed.. just imagine that.. it like saving money into the booker site pocket.

# 3 : Most people beleive so much on tipsters.. like win-draw-win,, etc..after investing big with them then, complains starts. are they the prophet / Bishop of soccer betting? wait till the hens start chewing...

I KNOW WHAT YOU THINKING OF NOW...Below are the frequently asked questions I received everyday from people like you.


A1 : You don't have to stay online 24/7 to use this Betting Tips Software, just update when you are connected after that you can disconnect then get the games you want to bet on. write them out and place them anywhere (shop , laptop or on your phone).

Q2 :It is too expensive for me, others sell so low..

A2 : sorry it should be... you can buy or patronise them... but I bet you, you will still come back here. I once bought 2 to 3 books in the past too thinking I was lagging behind because no man is an island but to my greatest disappointment, I paid for RUBBISH!... and you expect me to sell this software that cheap? NO WAY... not all people work in a oil firm... sorry I may have sounded so rude here.... you buy, you dont, you meet me, you dont, does that stop the site from paying me?

Q3 : How do i get the betting tip software package ?

A3 : It would be attached and sent into your email (including the passkey and comprehensive manual guide ) for you to download, read and install on your personal system .. that is after payment confirmation.

Q4 : What is the difference between the workshop training and the video tutorial because I'm far away from you?

A4 : I call the workshop a two-on-one meeting for those that think I'm invisible or fake or doubt my existence and want to see me physically ( I a super star now?) As for me, I don't blame them; lots of so-called Internet marketers have done so bad on the Internet now the people are scared. I bet you I will change you mind on that.. if you are far and can't make up with the workshop training, get the software. I spend time better with people I don't see ...they are fragile and morever, the video has detailed pictures of illustrations and it's easy to understand. For those that that are near and want to come, please come I appreciate you too. come and see my face for a cash..

Q5 : Why don't you organise seminars?

A5 : Seminars are polluted now. If i organise one I will make lots of money but most people won't get my message. So why did you pay then? So I prefer workshop - maximum of 2 persons in front of me...don't you think that is better?

Q6 : Can install the software on two systems?

A6 : NO .., You can't share the software passkey with another person else you stand the chance of crashing both softwares.. just for you alone (one system) if you change your system make sure you have uninstalled the previous one before installing again (its in your email for life.) both should not run at atime.. as long as you will always update to pick games it will catch you. and you will crash it. (BEWARNED.!).

Q7 : How much can i start with and how do i get paid?

A7 : I strongly advice to start with the amount of money you can afford. and if you are asking how much profit you can make.. you money triples.. so calcaulate any amount you want to start up with.. thanks

Q8 : Will you give me 100% assurance this works?

A8 : Would have love to but only GOD can assure all things 100% but let me say 85% - pardon me.
even the so called " FIXEDODDS GAMES " you pay N10000 to get, ends up loosing with nothing to make about.. but this will blow your mind. and it just a one time payment for 2years... (the update will expire 2019)

It supports these betting games:
(1) Half Time ( 1, X, 2 ) (2) Full Time ( 1, X, 2 ) (where 1 means home wins, 2 means away wins and X means draw) (3) Half time / Full time (45mins / 90 mins only) ( 1-1, 1-X, 1-2, X-1, X-X, X-2, 2-1, 2-X, 2-2 ) Half Time/Full Time ( 1-1 , 1-X , 1-2 , X-1 , X-X , X-2 , 2-1 , 2-X , 2-2 ) (4) Under/Over 2.5 ( Under, Over ) (5) Total Goals ( 0-1, 2-3, 4-6, 1+, 2+, 3+, 4+, 5+, 6+, 7+ ) (6) More Goals ( more in first, equal, more in second ) (7) Goal/No goal ( Goal, No goal ) (8) Even/Odd (Even, Odd) (9) Handicap ( 0:1 ) ( 1, X, 2 ) (10) Exact score ( 1:0, 2:0,...5:2, 1:1, 2:2, 3:3, 4:4, 0:1, 0:2, ...2:5 ) (11) Double Chance ( 1X, 12, X2 ) (12) Half time specials ( 1+, 2+ )

My last word as a brother ,and a friend to you

SOFTWARE BET TIP IS finally OUT..! The old strategy was cool I got this stuffs you are seeing above .. my brother now I will show you what I have now.. below..! loading..
Years back on betting was miserable and almost turning into nuisance in the presence of my family and friends hoping one day I will make money out of it but all to no avail. Only 1 friend out of 10 of us won once after playing for years. Please I'm out of that, now I trade on Sport. I don't cut tickets and I play my games on the Internet; my people see money around me now and say this your Internet business is SUPER.
...Now the long awaited video is OUT.. just download on your pc or laptop even on your android phone and start watching trading patterns been used ... PLS DON'T DOUBT ME. (pics loading .my new rides and mt ps4 with fifa 16 been played) life is sweet


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TESTIMONIES loading....

we continued chatting

he tried it out

he was happy


YES, YelGold..! I'm Ready To install the software on my laptop now to make my MONEY BACk ! .....Watch the sample.!

Product Description:
What you are about paying for is yours forever...., I bet, you will give me extra N1000 as a gift and always send me recharge cards the following weekend after winning like me. Its a life changing opportunity.



updated 2016 / 2017 new season Football BET TIPS SOFTWARE NOW N5,500..! N10,000 season Promo price. While BASEBALL BETTING GUIDE nowN2,500.



That is what you want to hear.. and that is why you have not gotten the right materials. the summary is that the software gives you at least 2 to 3 bankers odds per day, but if you don't allow greed to set in, you are on the right track (increase your stake to get good profit.. so with time you will grow and save up). I GIVE 99% (percent) assurance with this. Even life isn't 100% assured..! if you think it is expensive then join me on iCASH investment platform to get it free..!
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we also accept ecurrencies and bank deposit as a means of payment.

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